Don’t be this sh*tter

Recently in Platoon chat a squad mate started screaming MAX MAX MAX, and that was it. When someone asked where, the guy answered, on the Tower gun deck. The platoon was at Frost Bite Harbor, and there is no tower with a gun deck. When asked he said he stated he was at Eli Tower, and where is the heck is the rest of the Platoon.

Two things here:

1. The soldier was not with his Squad/Platoon, so the information was irrelevant to the current battle
2. The soldier used Platoon chat, the whole Platoon may not be with you. We 36 people heard irrelevant information and may of paused because of it.

How to use the Map to get to your Squad:
  • Press ‘M’ (or the hot key you have assigned to Map)
  • Find your location, A chevron is you
  • Find your Platoon and Squad way points
  • Plot a course from your location to there.
  • If it is a long way, find the Star for your Squad lead is he there?
  • If it will take you a long time, redeploy, you will always have a redeploy option near your Squad Lead, Spawn Beacon (check to be sure it is where you want) or you can Squad Deploy.

Always use Squad chat for information and allow your Squad lead to relay for you if needed.

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